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2 Years Ago, Bitcoin Hit an All-Time High. Is Another Rally on the Way?

Daniel Kuhn

Nov 9, 2023

Bitcoin’s “all-time high” is a matter of debate. Depending on where you look, the high water mark will be different. Coinbase calls the top at $68,569 (Nov. 8, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.), CoinMarketCap says it’s $66,953 and your most trusted and trustworthy news and data provider, CoinDesk, notches it a little above $67,000.
I, like many, tend to call the pico top at $69,000 – because it’s okay to round up to the meme number, and because consensus in such a fragmented and illiquid market is really a subjective matter (involving where to draw the line about which exchanges to follow and data sources to watch.)

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